readymade is a project that redistributes high quality & responsible fabrics for everyone, everywhere. We curate, catalog, and trade a selection of salvaged materials directly from producers. 

The collection is constantly curated and consists of fabrics made from natural fibers, excluding the use of synthetics. We collaborate with selected high/end mills that produce under make to order (MTO) productions which means they do not overproduce and therefore their stock is limited to sampling and tests materials.

More than just materials. We are a benefit company that works with the triple bottom line approach, measuring our success through achieving a regenerative and more responsible future. Where all materials already available are used and the production of new non-critical products is reduced to essential.

That future is now.


We have curated a unique collection of textiles, a mix of never traded materials, yarn-dyed only collections, and archive fabrics.

Our core collections 


We source our fabric remnants from high-end mills that work with the make-to-order production technique, in which they only manufacture after receiving orders - this reduces wastage and prevents dead stock. Our remnants make part of the industry’s sampling rolls which are produced to send designers for prototyping before placing production orders. These quantities have no market in the industry and therefore are perfect for smaller productions. The aim of this collection is to democratize high-end fabrics that are only available for luxury brands that can afford/produce larger quantities.


In the industry, a tool for testing color combinations before creating new collections, a gamp is a test fabric piece that tells how threads intersect, and colors interact. We introduce gamps to commercial use. We source our gamps from sampling rooms of industrial high-end mills, which use gamps to produce swatches, meaning a few centimeters of the width might or might not be missing. These color combinations are unique, the few meters available are the only ones ever produced (available in full and reduced widths).


A collection gathered in over 10 years, featuring atypical colors and dying processes. The collection features the Old Dye technique, a process in which color is superficially fixed on the fabric, when washed, the finished garment’s color will fade, mainly in correspondence to edges, seams, and rivets creating a washout effect.

Some fabrics may show precious stains, fading, or discoloration due to storage. These are our only piece-dyed fabrics, are one of a kind, and will not restock.


Bundles are assembled with what in the industry we call "tirellas" which consist of a cut of fabric that is usually used by designers as a tool to match fabrics, mood boards, etc. The bundles are grouped by design and composition, they are 15-30 cm in width and length goes from 2-4 meters. These materials are perfect for accessories and accent pieces.