At Readymade Textiles, we are on a mission to unveil the untapped potential lying within industrial gamps - those intricate textile pieces that are often discarded without a second thought. These forgotten masterpieces hold within them the captivating secrets of color interaction and weave structure, waiting to be reborn into something extraordinary.

Industrial gamps are the result of countless experiments conducted to test different color combinations, weave structures, and threads. These gamps serve as valuable reference tools for textile manufacturers. However, once their purpose is served, they are usually destined for the landfill.

We believe in circularity, innovation, and the transformative power of creativity. We have set out on a mission to rescue these discarded industrial gamps and breathe new life into them. By salvaging these hidden gems, we not only help reduce waste but also open up a world of possibilities.

One of the most enchanting aspects of the ancient art of weaving lies in the mesmerizing interaction of colors within the fabric. As the weft delicately crosses the warp, a captivating transformation occurs, altering the apparent hue of the warp threads in ways that can be simply breathtaking.

This captivating dance of colors emerges from the interplay between the warp and weft, alternating between being above and below the fabric's surface. This ingenious technique gives rise to minuscule dots and dashes of colors, akin to pixels on a digital screen, which magically blend in the beholder's eyes to produce an entirely new and delightful color. However, at times, this marriage of hues might not result in the expected harmony.

Here enters the "color gamp," a weaver's ultimate companion in planning vibrant and captivating projects while test-driving various color combinations.

In essence, a color gamp is a fabric that unravels the mysteries of how different colors, weave structures, or types of thread intersect. By weaving color gamps, twill gamps, or differential-shrinkage gamps, weavers gain valuable insights into the behavior of their chosen elements. A color gamp is composed of different sections of the element being tested, such as color, structure, sett, or fiber, meticulously woven as drawn in. This involves weaving weft stripes that precisely follow the pattern set up in the warp.

Specifically, a color gamp is a cloth consisting of a series of color stripes in the warp, elegantly interwoven with a corresponding set of color stripes in the weft. Through the process of weaving a color gamp using the colors under consideration for a project, weavers gain immediate clarity about which warp/weft combinations work harmoniously and which ones fall short. Moreover, this process creates a lasting color reference that proves invaluable for future weaving endeavors.

As colors are woven as drawn in, the diagonal of a color gamp showcases blocks of pure colors where, for instance, green threads intersect with green, and blue threads with blue. In contrast, the other blocks reveal captivating blended colors in both the warp and weft.

The choice of weave structure further impacts how colors interact, as the placement and size of warp and weft floats vary with each structure. Therefore, it's crucial to weave the color gamp in the same structure intended for the final project.

While weaving a color gamp might seem laborious, it proves to be an indispensable tool for weavers. Unlike painters who can mix colors on a palette or woodworkers who can test stains on scrap wood, weavers can only truly evaluate their color combinations once the warp is carefully threaded onto the loom.

The worth of a color gamp is comparable to gold, serving as an invaluable reference when planning textile productions and accurately predicting how two colors will blend in the final fabric.

Gamps are only possible to produce for yarn dyed fabrics, as these colored yarns hold the key to unlocking the full potential of color interactions in weaving. Yarn dyeing involves coloring the individual yarns before they are woven, ensuring that each thread carries its unique hue. When these vibrant yarns come together in a gamp, they create an enchanting symphony of colors, weaving an intricate tale of beauty and harmony. Whether it's the play of complementary shades or the subtle blending of analogous colors, yarn dyed gamps offer a whole new dimension of creative exploration.